The CLAW® Videos

Here are a few videos of THE CLAW® flexible travel tripod.

The CLAW® Tripod from Record Peak was used to capture this video showing how to use the claw for educational purposes. In this case to view a golf swing using the video option on the Bluetooth rechargeable remote set to video mode. Click HERE for more details.

This small compact, portable, flexible tripod is great for traveling. The CLAW® tripod from Record Peak is the best when you don't want to carry a lot of gear when you are outdoor hiking, biking, skiing, any kind of activity. Awesome photo opportunities. Click HERE for more details.

Fun for the whole family. Don't be left out of another picture with the The CLAW remote! The CLAW® from Record Peak is the perfect gift for any occasion. And the price is right! On SALE for only $29.95 Great for all your precious photo moments.Click HERE to check it out.